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Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
's a culture of a desire for certainty in a world that is increasingly global, technological, physically connected, and ambiguous in the way that -- we want to know, we just want to know something, right? >> i will say one more thing without getting too much into a rant. there was some big changes that went on at nih over the course of the bush, the second bush administration, that i think in the end created some of this problem. nih is an organization, please were scientists and biologists go get funding. the wait is typically done was about 25,000 proposals a year would come in, and it was a huge marketplace of ideas. 25,000 people would write their best ideas down, then they would be renewed by panels of a scientist who would place them in some priority order and find something like 15-20% of it, something like that. the bush administration didn't cut the funding any particular way but they changed the way it operated. they came up with this thing called a road map. that was a disaster. this roadmap was how will we make scientist serve a purpose, not just idle curiosity driven stuff l
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am EST
and presentations. we also have recently invested in cisco's state of the art immersive teleconference technology. l that technology is now available for you to use at our offices, and if you're interested, please, let us know. when we work with associations to design events, we focus on outcomes and impressions that are strategic and forward-looking, but we also think that events ought to engage all the five senses including sight. and this week if new york the national -- in new york the national retail federation just had its major annual event, and we're proud that leading authorities produced all their visuals. and we'd like to just show you a short clip. so, please, roll the video. ♪ >> greetings from times square, the heartbeat of new york city. our stylists help women all over new york express their style. >> sak's fifth avenue's shoe department has its own zip code. >> we get over 30,000 unique visitors per week. >> new york city stores will sell $52 billion of merchandise this year alone. this is macy's herald square, the the largest store in the world, and we are currently undergoing th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2